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  • Attorney Rob Sachs to Speak at Upcoming Legal Education Conference

    || 16-Mar-2015

    Attorney Rob Sachs - managing partner of Shrager, Spivey & Sachs - will be speaking at an upcoming legal education conference next Monday, March 23. The conference - Auto Litigation 3.0 - is being hosted by 360 Advocacy and will be held at the Encore in Las Vegas. Speakers include some of the nation’s top and most accomplished injury lawyers who will be sharing their insight on handling ...
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  • Earlier today, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority released an advisory that hospital-acquired pressure ulcers remain a top concern for hospitals across the state. According to the advisory: PA hospitals reported over 19,000 pressure ulcer events (recognized safety concerns) in 2013. PA healthcare facilities reported 33,545 events involving impaired skin integrity in 2013 - a majority of ...
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  • Most Common Birth Injuries

    || 18-Feb-2015

    Birth injuries are among the most challenging and emotionally difficult personal injury cases around. Not only can birth injuries create lasting physical impairments and limitations for children, they can also cause tremendous emotional and financial burdens for parents and loved ones. Unfortunately, birth injuries - particularly those caused by negligence - are more common than most may think. ...
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  • Identifying Common Signs of Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

    || 11-Feb-2015

    Nursing home abuse is a common and unfortunate reality in facilities across the country - and it can take many forms. Whether it is neglect, emotional abuse, physical harm, or sexual assault, no form of elder abuse should be tolerated. Abuse: The intentional and willing infliction of harm that results in pain and suffering, physical injury, or emotional / psychological anguish. Neglect: A failure ...
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  • Report Notes Trend in Medical Malpractice Suits

    || 29-Jan-2015

    A report recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association echoes what researchers and experts have been saying for years: medical malpractice suits and awards are on the decline. According to the report, the rate of medical malpractice suits and award amounts have been on the decline largely because of tort reform and new laws that cap damages. Based on statistics from 2002 ...
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  • Federal Government Penalizes Hospitals for Medical Errors

    || 14-Jan-2015

    Individuals have been calling for genuine healthcare reform for countless years. Though the Affordable Care Act includes many highly covered issues, such as insurance coverage, it also addresses the much needed healthcare reform. Recently, Medicare took action to enact this reform by cutting payments to 721 hospitals across the nation. There were many prominent hospitals included in this list, ...
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  • Remington Lawsuits Detail Problems with Court Secrecy & Public Safety

    || 30-Dec-2014

    In recent years, Remington Arms Company - one of the oldest firearm and ammunition manufacturers in the U.S. - has faced scrutiny for producing rifles that can inadvertently fire. These Model 700 rifles have been linked to allegations of injuries and deaths across the country, and have sparked numerous lawsuits. Still, they remained popular among consumers. According to a recent opinion editorial ...
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  • Partner Rob Sachs Secures Settlement for Victim of Surgical Injury

    || 23-Dec-2014

    Shrager, Spivey & Sachs is pleased to announce that Managing Partner Rob Sachs has recently settled a central Pennsylvania medical malpractice case. The case was settled for just under $1 million. The case involved a surgical injury to our client's "spinal accessory" nerve during a lymph node biopsy procedure. In addition to suffering from a loss of function of the muscles ...
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  • Tips for Holiday Safety

    || 19-Dec-2014

    The holidays are here and for many that means celebrations, parties, and time with family. Although this time of year brings enjoyment for many, it unfortunately also brings an increase in accidents, injuries, and deaths - many of which are preventable. In fact, statistics and studies show that the winter holidays account for some of the highest rates of accidents in America: Crash data shows a ...
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  • Tracy Morgan injured another is killed by Walmart truck

    || 7-Jun-2014

    We all heard sad news today that comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured while travelling back to New York from a comedy performance last night in Delaware. Preliminary investigation by the state police indicates that Morgan’s limo bus was hit from behind by a Walmart tractor-trailer that “didn’t see” slow moving traffic until it was too late. In addition to ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally - 2014 Nos. 14-18

    || 6-May-2014

    Since my last post on the Truck Accident Tally, it’s been an active time in this region. On May 1st, there were two wrecks involving commercial vehicles. The first was a truck transporting grapes in Delaware. As the truck went from southbound I-295 onto the ramp to northbound DE-141, the truck overturned. Overturned trucks are often an obvious sign of driver inexperience. This ramp takes ...
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  • Rob Sachs Speaking in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on Truck Litigation

    || 6-May-2014

    I will be on the faculty of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s “Litigating Tractor Trailer Wrecks: These Are No Ordinary Car Accidents”" seminar this week in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I’ll be covering both a review of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (including the new hours of service rules) and talking about the latest case to help Pennsylvania truck and ...
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  • Copied below is “Call me – I’m in the car” which was one of my first blogs in November, 2006. I’m re-publishing this now because everything I wrote 8 years ago applies just as much in 2014. In fact, the statistics on usage make this message even more important now. "Call me - I'm in the car." You've heard it and you've probably said it - but did ...
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  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary, Barry J. Schoch, released statistics about the safety of our roads earlier this month. The good news is that we had fewer fatalities in 2013. The total number of fatalities dropped from 1,310 to 1,208. In addition, there were notable decreases in fatalities where the victim was unbuckled, where a vehicle was speeding, and where the accident ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally – 2014 Nos. 12 & 13

    || 17-Apr-2014

    Today’s tally has two more truck wrecks to report. Yesterday afternoon just as rush hour was at its peak a tractor trailer hauling garbage flipped over as it curved on an on ramp entering Route 130 in Pennsauken, New Jersey. From the video posted by WPVI, it is clear that the driver was carrying too much speed on the curve and his rig fell on its side and spilled the garbage all over the ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally - 2014 Nos. 8, 9, 10, & 11

    || 16-Apr-2014

    I was out of the office last week so I need to catch up the “Truck Accident Tally” portion of this blog. Unfortunately, there was a lot of activity while I was gone. Three pedestrians have died as a result of being hit by commercial vehicles. A 19 year old pedestrian in Delaware was hit and killed by a tractor trailer late last night. Apparently the pedestrian was reported in the road ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally – 2014 No. 7

    || 7-Apr-2014

    A SEPTA bus collided with a passenger car at 22nd and the Parkway this morning. From the report on WPVI’s website, the occupants of the car were both transported for injuries. Bus accidents with SEPTA buses – indeed with many types of buses including school buses – are often captured on video. In a recent case we successfully handled, we learned that SEPTA buses may have as many ...
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  • Too many lawsuits?? Ask a GM owner

    || 5-Apr-2014

    Michael Smerconish has been on prime time on CNN all week with a great show that focused on a variety of issues, including GM’s recent massive recall of the Cobalt. In his closing remarks Friday night, Smerconish gave the closing argument that all of us who represent plaintiffs would like to make everey time we listen to someone take shots at the civil justice system in the United States. ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally – 2014 No. 6

    || 4-Apr-2014

    A trailer caught fire on the access ramp for Route 1 North in Delaware County this morning, just under the Blue Route (Interstate 476). The fire was reported live on NBC 10 and the video feed showed the black smoke billowing onto the I-476 overpass. The good news is that no injuries were reported. In addition, the driver was apparently able to pull into the breakdown lane and separate the tractor ...
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  • April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month – Do your part

    || 1-Apr-2014

    Welcome to Distracted Driver Awareness Month! Now is your chance to help make our roads safer. The point of this blog is simple. Will you take this pledge? "This Distracted Driving Awareness Month I'm keeping my eyes on the road & phone out of sight. Join me! #stopthetexts " Stop the Texts We handle too many truck and auto wreck cases where drivers were distracted. Each of us has ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally – 2014 no. 5

    || 27-Mar-2014

    A school bus hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Rhawn Street and Lexington Avenue in northeast Philadelphia around 8:00 AM today. Comparing the photo to a satellite image, it appears the bus was turning left from Lexington onto Rhawn as it crosses into Pennypack Park. A report by NBC10 indicated that the pedestrian was injured as a result of this collision, while the students on the bus were ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally – 2014 no. 4

    || 23-Mar-2014

    Two trucks collided on I-95 southbound early Saturday morning near Route 413 in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania. As reported by ABC news, the first truck was disabled on the side of the road when it was rear-ended by a second truck at approximately 6 AM. Sunrise was nearly one hour later, so this accident likely happened in darkness. Although one driver had to be cut from the wreckage, he was ...
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  • Truck Accident Tally – 2014 no. 3

    || 22-Mar-2014

    A South Brunswick, NJ man was killed last night on Route 1 when a tractor trailer driver from Philadelphia rear-ended his car. Also injured in the crash was the man’s wife. Chuck Inman, on left, in photo published in Planet Princeton The man who tragically died, Chuck Inman, is well known for his role organizing the Battle Against Hunger bike ride which raised more than $650,000 over the ...
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  • Hearings begin for massive Valentine’s Day pile-up on PA Turnpike

    || 21-Mar-2014

    Legislators began hearings this week to investigate what went wrong to cause the 100 vehicle pile-up on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Valentine’s Day. So far it doesn’t sound like there was a Penn DoT failure. They had worked to clear snow from a storm that had dumped up to one foot of snow on the area. The speed restrictions had been lifted at 6:00 AM, about 2 1/2 hours before the ...
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  • On March 13 th, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ("FMCSA") of the U.S. Department of Transportation announced a very important new proposed rule which, if adopted as a result of the rule making process, will require drivers of trucks and buses to record their time on "electronic logging devices" (ELDs"). Commercial drivers are required to follow important ...
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