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  • What is a Mediation?

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 23-Jun-2017

    What is a mediation? In our practice, we are often asked by the lawyers on the other side to either mediate or arbitrate our cases. These are often confusing concepts for our clients. Last week in Columbus, Ohio, managing partner, Rob Sachs, Jr., spoke about how to communicate more effectively in mediations during a continuing legal education program entitled "Connectionology". Also ...
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  • The Impact Infections Can Have on a Pregnancy

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 20-Jun-2017

    Infections can be especially dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn child if they are not quickly diagnosed and treated. Pregnancy can make infections more severe, which makes it all the more pressing to start treatment as soon as possible. Even mild infections can cause serious complications. Learn more about the impact infections can have on pregnancy. Why Are Pregnant Women at a Higher ...
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  • Medical Errors on the Rise in VA Hospitals

    Posted By Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 19-Jun-2017

    Hospitals throughout the U.S., including VA facilities, are facing pressure to reduce the number of preventable medical errors that have led to a growing number of patient injuries or deaths. The trouble is that while there is a seven percent increase in medical errors reported at VA hospitals, there has been an eighteen percent dip in investigations as to why they occurred. As malpractice payouts ...
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  • Presidential Administration Endangering the Elderly

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 12-Jun-2017

    Last year, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Service (CMS) finalized a new rule that bans nursing homes from forcing patients and their families into private arbitration. These mandatory arbitration clauses were hidden in the contract’s fine print, and many families were unaware of the term or misunderstood what private arbitration entailed. This type of arbitration is a practice that ...
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  • What Causes Seizures in Newborns?

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 6-Jun-2017

    A seizure is defined as abnormal electrical discharges in the brain, which cause symptoms such as convulsions, altered consciousness, and brain disturbances. Seizures in infants can indicate neonatal brain damage has occurred. Often, they are the first sign of a birth injury. Frequently, seizures develop in babies who were deprived of oxygen during the delivery process. Many seizure-causing ...
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  • Delivery Room Negligence and Cerebral Palsy

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 24-May-2017

    Cerebral Palsy can be caused by damage to an infant’s developing brain before, during or after birth. Many infants born with cerebral palsy sustain injuries before birth, but some may occur in the delivery room. A large number of birth injuries, such as the injuries that cause cerebral palsy, can be avoided with diligent medical care. Preventable birth injuries may be caused by: Improper ...
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  • Rigorous Penalty System Leads to More Fines for Pennsylvania Nursing Homes

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 23-May-2017

    In previous years, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has been rather lax in its penalty system regarding complaints of substandard and negligent care in nursing homes. However, within the first four months of this year, there has been a drastic change. In fact, the state has exacted more fines during this period than the previous three years combined, hinting at a much-needed change in how the ...
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  • American Mothers In More Danger of Maternal Complications Than Moms Elsewhere

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 18-May-2017

    Despite our years of technological advancement and study of the human anatomy, childbirth is still considered extremely dangerous in the United States. According to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 600 American women lose their lives due to complications that arise either during pregnancy or the actual process of delivery. By other estimates, nearly ...
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  • Robert Sachs Selected as NADC Nation's Top One Percent in 2017

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 17-May-2017

    The National Association of Distinguished Counsel (NADC) is one of the leading organizations in the country that recognizes and rewards legal professionals that continually and consistently exemplify what it means to be at the top of their class. This group uses high scrutiny and in-depth research to only pick out who it believes to be the best of the best. By the time it is finished choosing its ...
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  • The Importance of Informed Patient Consent

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 11-May-2017

    Informed consent is a crucial aspect of medical treatment. As a patient, you have the right to a conversation with your doctor regarding any treatments or medications you are beginning. You doctor should talk to you about the procedure, side effects, what you can expect afterwards, how to take medications, or any other information related to your treatment. They should also answer any questions ...
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  • Current Administration to Lift Ban on Nursing Home Arbitration Clauses

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 5-May-2017

    There are more than 2 million cases of elder abuse every year, and those are only the cases that are reported. One out of every 10 people will experience some form of elder abuse. Because families often don’t have the time or resources to devote to the full-time care that seniors sometimes need, they depend on skilled nursing facilities to provide help where they can’t. When skilled ...
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  • Medical Culture May Encourage Doctors to Not Admit Their Mistakes

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 13-Apr-2017

    Although medical science has allowed us to live longer and healthier lives, it is not without risks. Nearly all types of medical procedures and treatments pose risks to patients. While some risks are unavoidable, many can be effectively managed in order to ensure positive outcomes. Unfortunately, when medical professionals commit errors, deviate from the recognized standard of care, or otherwise ...
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  • HR Bill 1215 Jeopardizes Justice in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 12-Apr-2017

    Juries typically recognize that nursing home abuse causes severe consequences and permanent emotional scarring, and occurs due to preventable mistakes or intentional harm. As a result, some cases close with a seven-figure award amount that the harmed elder and their family absolutely deserves. A recently proposed bill could counteract progress, though, by seriously limiting how much a plaintiff ...
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  • Filing a Lawsuit for Misdiagnosis: The Basics

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 6-Apr-2017

    Medical professionals have a legal duty to treat patients in accordance to a recognized “standard of care.” When they deviate from this standard, such as when they fail to properly diagnose a condition that should have reasonably been identified, they can be held accountable for their negligence and liable for harm and damages patients suffer as a result. At Shrager, Spivey & ...
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  • Brain Injuries: What You Need To Know About Concussions

    Posted By Shrager, Spivey & Sachs || 15-Mar-2017

    March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month, and our legal team at Shrager, Spivey & Sachs wanted to provide some helpful information that can aid victims and families following unexpected brain injuries. Having served Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania since 1978, our personal injury attorneys have worked with many victims who suffered brain injuries in all types of accidents, ...
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