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Surgical Injuries

Though every surgery presents a risk, surgical injuries are the direct cause of a surgeon’s mistake and completely avoidable. Improperly used equipment, foreign objects or instruments left in the body or a poorly performed procedure are just a few examples of what can go wrong during even the most routine surgery.

The attorneys of Shrager, Spivey & Sachs understand the complications that can arise from a surgeon’s mistake, and we will fight to secure a settlement for your injuries.

If you or a loved one have experienced a surgical injury, contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Firm's Results

Six-Figure Settlement in Retained Sponge Case

Managing partner Robert Sachs and Chad Galvin obtained a significant six-figure settlement for a patient whose surgery was complicated by a wound infection. Nurses failed to properly treat the wound with sponges used in association with a “wound vac.” The nurses placed the sponges inside the wound in violation of a physician’s orders, and failed to record how many sponges were placed or removed from the wound. The patient required additional surgery to remove sponges that had been inside his wound for months. He suffered from a non-healing wound that discharged foul-smelling fluids for nearly a year as a result of the nurses’ actions, and he now has a much larger incision. Attorneys Sachs’ and Galvin’s aggressive and proactive strategy convinced the defendant to engage in early mediation, which led to a significant six-figure settlement.

Six-Figure Settlement for Laparoscopic Injury

Managing partner Robert Sachs obtained a six-figure settlement for an injury to his client’s right and left hepatic ducts during a laparoscopic gall bladder removal surgery. The injury occurred at the base of the liver, causing a bismuth 4 injury – the most serious type of bile duct injury caused by negligent laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.

Significant Verdict for Laparoscopic Surgery Injury

Managing partner Robert Sachs obtained a six-figure verdict for a risky repeat laparoscopic surgery. After a one-week trial, the jury found that the plaintiff’s gynecologist was negligent to repeat a laparoscopic uterosacral nerve ablation because of the procedure’s risk to adjoining structures. The repeat surgery injury the plaintiff’s ureter – the structure that connects the kidney to the bladder – causing urine to leak inside her body. She was hospitalized, forced to undergo multiple corrective procedures and had to use a nephrostomy tube and urine collection bag for nearly a year. According to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, this is only the fifth time in a decade that a plaintiff has won a medical malpractice trial in York County.

Substantial Settlement for Negligent Surgical Excision

Wayne Spivey obtained a substantial settlement for a man who underwent surgical excision or a malignant melanoma on his forehead. The plastic surgeon who performed the procedure failed to completely remove the melanoma, despite being warned by a pathologist that some of the tumor was left behind. The patient’s melanoma eventually returned, and his condition is now terminal. Attorney Spivey consulted with premier cancer and surgical specialists in an effort to persuade the surgeon to ultimately admit that he made an error. Prior to trial, the surgeon agreed to settle the matter for a substantial amount. The plaintiff and his wife will now be able to seek the best medical care in his continuing fight.

Significant Settlements in Laparoscopic Tubal Litigation

Managing partner Robert Sachs obtained settlements for two women injured during laparoscopic tubal ligation procedures. Both clients received serious vascular trauma to the right iliac artery and vein as a result of instrument penetration by the gynecological surgeon. Both women had their procedures performed in outpatient clinics. One such clinic had an inadequate blood supply, and nurses were dispatched to the local hospital for more blood. After a lengthy repair procedure, one woman has recovered without lasting complications. The other woman’s surgeon was unable to save the right iliac artery and a bypass was performed using a gortex artificial vessel to take blood from the left femoral artery and reintroduce it to the right leg to revascularize the client’s right leg. Though she was without vascular complications years after the intra-operative trauma, experts agree that there are no statistics on the longevity of gortex grafts in young patients.

Hot Coffee

The attorneys of Shrager, Spivey & Sachs urge you to watch the powerful and enlightening documentary "Hot Coffee." This powerful film examines "tort reform" and how special interests are trying to eliminate your constitutional right to a trial by jury. "Hot Coffee" is available on HBO through On Demand until September 11th, and we encourage you to watch the movie and take an active role in defending your rights. You can get started by viewing a list of Action Items that can help preserve the justice system for you and your loved ones.

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