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Pediatric Heart Surgeries

Pediatric Heart Surgery Errors

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When a child is born with a heart defect or suffers from a heart condition, they may require heart surgery. While such surgical procedures can improve or save a child’s life, there are serious risks involved. Pediatric heart surgery refers to any open-heart operation that is performed in order to improve or eliminate a child’s congenital heart defect or disease. Unfortunately, when surgeons and other healthcare professionals act negligently, recklessly, or carelessly, a pediatric heart surgery patient can suffer fatal injuries.

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Causes of Pediatric Fatalities in Previous Cases

Research proves that the following have led to numerous pediatric heart surgery fatalities:

  • Inadequate amount of tests and services for pediatric heart program
  • High number of echocardiogram reports were inadequate
  • Lack of pediatric electrophysiological laboratory and pediatric electrophysiology expertise
  • Hospital staff was not adept to cardiac catheterizations
  • Number of pediatric heart surgeries too low for hospital staff to develop competency

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