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Of the many work industries, construction is amongst the most dangerous. Many accidents in this particular industry result in serious bodily harm and in the worse cases, death. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 828 employees were killed on the job in 2013. This means that about one in every five construction workers were killed every day in this industry alone. Although these statistics are shockingly high, many of these construction accidents are completely avoidable.

If you are involved in or have lost a loved one due to a construction accident, it is important to seek experienced legal representation right away. Employers are required to provide the proper safety measures to ensure the protection of their workers. A skilled Philadelphia personal injury attorney will be able to assess the situation and determine whether the property owners or the company in charge should be held responsible for the injuries or wrongful death.

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Common Types of Construction Accidents

In most cases, human errors are the cause of most serious injuries that occur during construction accidents. OSHA reports that the following are most common types of construction accidents.

  1. Falls
  2. Struck by Objects
  3. Electrocutions
  4. Caught-in/between

Research states that many of these accidents could be avoided if the proper safety precautions are put into action. Below is a list of the most frequently cited OSHA standards that relate to the construction industry.

  • Fall protection
  • Hazard communication
  • Scaffolding
  • Improper respiratory protection
  • Problems with powered industrial trucks
  • Improper practices involving control of hazardous energy
  • Unsafe ladders
  • Improper electric and wiring methods
  • Lack of machine and machinery guarding
  • Improper electrical system designs

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