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Wrongful Death

Philadelphia Wrongful Death Lawyer

Compassionate Representation as You Fight for Justice

When you have lost someone at the hands of another’s negligence, the devastating can be too much to bear on your own. Luckily, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, as you may be able to file a wrongful death claim to help compensate for the losses, whether it is financial or emotional, that your family must be forced to face.

How Do I Begin the Wrongful Death Claim Process?

In Pennsylvania, there is a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit. It must be done within two years from the date that the death occurred. Two of the most common cases where wrongful death cases have been filed include auto accidents and workplace injuries, such as on construction sites or railroad accidents.

Wrongful death claims must be filed by surviving members of the victim’s family, against the individual or entities who have contributed to the accident which caused a death. This is according to Pennsylvania law, the survival statute, 42 Pa.C.S. § 8302:

“All causes of action or proceedings, real or personal, shall survive the death of the plaintiff or the defendant, or the death of one or more joint plaintiffs or defendants.”

Financial recovery may include compensation for any of the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of future wages
  • Financial support
  • Counseling and other forms of emotional support for surviving family members
  • Loss love, companionship, and comfort that would have been provided by the individual

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Our Philadelphia wrongful death attorneys first and foremost believe in the following: compassion and justice. It is not enough to simply file your claim as if it were merely a contract to sign. We want to be your advocates and the shoulder you lean on during this time. We at Shrager & Sachs also work hard to achieve justice. You should never stay silent if someone else has wronged you. Let us help you take action—and help you and your family find peace.

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