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Attorney Robert L. Sachs, Jr. Joins the Rideshare Law Group

Published on Mar 7, 2018 at 3:32 pm in Auto Accidents.

Our attorney, Robert L. Sachs, Jr. recently joined the Rideshare Law Group project. The Rideshare Law Group is made up of personal injury lawyers who have a passion for providing legal assistance to people who have been injured in rideshare accidents and are not sure how to handle the complications that often comes with these types of cases.

When rideshare companies are involved in an accident case for one of their drivers, insurance settlements and injury claims become even more complicated than your standard accident case. Not only do these cases become more complex when rideshare companies are at the table, but the accident victim tends to get offered an unfair settlement amount that won’t even cover their injury expenses.

The attorneys at the Rideshare Law Group take on cases all over the country and have familiarized themselves with rideshare insurance policies and the practices that are commonly used by these companies when they offer an accident victim an unfair settlement award.

All of the lawyers at the Rideshare Law Group have the experience, expertise, and resources that are needed to turn a low settlement offer into a fair offer. They are dedicated to obtaining justice for rideshare accident victims and their family, and they are prepared to go to court to defend the rights of all their clients.

Attorney Robert L. Sachs, Jr. will bring his years of experience to an already stellar team of lawyers who are committed to giving a voice to rideshare accident victims. The Rideshare Law Group works alongside other law firms to handle Uber and Lyft cases from any state in the United States. At Shrager & Sachs, we are excited about this new opportunity to help this amazing group take on cases in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

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