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Fourth of July Safety Tips: Staying Safe During the Holidays

Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco hopes everyone throughout Philadelphia and Pennsylvania has a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend. As one of the most popular holidays of the year, we know that many local residents will be heading off for vacation soon, or gearing up for celebrations.

Because this time of year historically sees an increase in the number of preventable accidents, injuries, and hospital visits, our injury lawyers would like to send a reminder to all that you should be focused on staying safe, even when you’re having fun. Below are some essential safety tips to get you through the holiday weekend.

Fun with Fireworks – Firework laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Still, many people like to celebrate by lighting fireworks of their own. If you choose to enjoy your own fireworks, make sure you do so responsibly! Organizations like the Red Cross stress the importance of avoiding serious injuries and burn injuries during this time of year with these tips:

  • Always supervise children when near or using fireworks. Never allow smaller children to play with fireworks.
  • Light fireworks in safe open areas away from other people, homes, vehicles, and other structures that could be damaged.
  • Keep a bucket of water, water hose, or fire extinguisher nearby to react in case of an emergency.
  • Exercise caution when lighting fireworks and never attempt to relight fireworks that did not go off the first time.

Grill Safety – Grilling is an American past-time, and there are few other times of year better for barbecuing than the Fourth of July. If you plan on grilling this weekend, make sure to always grill outdoors away from structures or flammable materials. You should also supervise the grill when in use, especially around children, and be careful when using lighter fluid.

Drunk Driving – According to the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Fourth of July weekend is one of the most dangerous times of year on American roadways due to an increase in drunk driving accidents, injuries, and death. If you plan on drinking this weekend, protect yourself and others by drinking responsibly or planning for a ride before you drink! Remember, law enforcement is often on high alert for impaired motorists during the holidays.

Water Safety – Backyard pool parties are commonplace during Fourth of July. If you and your loved ones are enjoying yourselves near a pool, follow these helpful tips:

  • Make sure children are always supervised when near or in water. If you have a pool, make sure it has proper fencing or barriers to prevent children from getting near the water without supervision.
  • Be careful about drinking near or in the water, especially when walking or running around the perimeter and when diving.
  • Ensure that you and your loved ones have a good command of swimming skills. Using life jackets and floatation aids can help, but they are not a substitute for swimming lessons.

Our attorneys wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! If you have questions about your rights and the personal injury claim process, contact us today.

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