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How Walkable Is Philadelphia?

Flag pole with Philadelphia in the background

Sometimes driving in a city like Philadelphia can be intimidating. That’s why people choose public transportation every day—they would rather take a bus, the train, or even walk through the city for convenience. Even though the city is in a grid system, and there’s plenty of walkways and sidewalks to get you from place to place, it doesn’t mean that the city is very walkable.

If a city isn’t very walkable, it could be from a high number of collisions between cars and pedestrians that occur. If you’ve been injured while walking in Philly, you could use the help of a pedestrian accident lawyer from Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco. We’ll fight to protect your rights against the negligent driver or party who caused your injuries and other damages.

Let’s take a look at how walkable Philadelphia is for pedestrians.

Walking in Philly

When you see articles about walkable cities, you’ll notice that Philly is usually in the top five of most lists. We usually get a high score for walkability, which is evaluated by specific aspects. Researchers determine walkability through many factors, and one of those is the distance from an address to amenities. If there is only a five-minute walk to amenities, the city gets maximum points. If the walk is over 30 minutes, then they get no points.

Another way researchers rank a city is through pedestrian friendliness. By this, they mean the length of blocks, how many people are in the city, the population density, how intersections are set up, and how many people are usually crossing at intersections. Philly does well in this category because it follows a basic grid system, whereas other cities in Pennsylvania, like Pittsburgh, might not do as well because of their intersections.

Overall, in almost all lists about walkable cities, you’ll find Philadelphia at the top, with a score saying that it’s not perfect, but it’s very walkable. Not only is it walkable, but what you see is pleasant too. Since our city is rich in history as one of the oldest in America, a stroll through the different neighborhoods will leave you in awe.

You might pass historic buildings, landmarks, or just beautiful homes that have been around for a long time but are well-maintained. We also have our famous market, the Reading Terminal Market, and other famous locations, like the Liberty Bell, Rocky Steps, and Love Park.

One important thing to remember, though, is to pay attention to which neighborhood you’re walking through. Overall, Philly is safe. But just like any other city, there are some areas you should avoid if you’re a tourist who doesn’t know the area. Stick to the main roads where there are other people around, and don’t wander off alone.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Even though our city is ranked highly for pedestrians, there are still some things that you should do to keep safe on the sidewalks and crosswalks. In Pennsylvania, pedestrians have the right-of-way, but you should still follow these tips from PennDOT to avoid getting hurt:

  • Only cross the road at crosswalks.
  • Don’t walk between parked cars.
  • Step into the crosswalk and make yourself visible first before walking through it.
  • Make eye contact with approaching drivers to make sure they see you.
  • Watch for turning vehicles even if you have the right-of-way.
  • Wear bright or reflective clothing.
  • Carry a flashlight at night.

When pedestrians and motorists both follow the rules of the road, dangerous accidents can be avoided. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. If a person crossing the street is in a crosswalk but a driver isn’t paying attention, then a deadly collision could occur. That’s why it’s important for drivers and walkers alike to constantly be aware of their surroundings and ensure the crosswalk is clear.

Our Office Will Represent You

Even in the most walkable cities, accidents can still happen. When you’ve been injured as a pedestrian at the fault of a driver or someone else who was negligent, then you deserve justice for the damages you’ve suffered. A Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer from Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco can help you recover what you’re owed.

We’ll collect all the evidence necessary to prove that the other party was at fault and correctly calculate how much you’re owed in damages. We’ll fight to protect your rights and get you full and fair compensation. Contact our office today so we can get started on your potential claim.

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