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King of Prussia Truck Accident Lawyer

The severe injuries from a truck accident can cause health complications for the rest of your life. If you’re dealing with these injuries, you may be eligible for compensation. It’s possible that negligence caused your crash, meaning your losses were preventable and wouldn’t have happened if the liable party had acted responsibly. To increase your chances of having a successful claim with a favorable compensation amount, get the help of a King of Prussia truck accident lawyer from Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco. We’re experienced, skilled, and passionate attorneys who fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Your claim may have you going up against a trucking company that will most likely have a sizeable legal team of its own. While their team may try to pin the blame on you, our lawyers will diligently review the facts of the accident and gather evidence to build a case that shows you were not at fault and the negligent party should be held liable for your damages. We’ll assess what the truck crash cost you and seek a monetary award that will help you get the recovery you need.

King of Prussia Truck Accidents

King of Prussia is a well-populated, busy area. The flow of traffic is consistent and the morning and evening commutes to and from work fill up the lanes quickly. When someone acts negligently, they can cause an accident that injures a number of other drivers. Trucking collisions can end up injuring multiple parties and blocking traffic for hours.

A tractor-trailer accident occurred in March 2019 that resulted in a truck blocking three toll booth lanes on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The truck attempted to change lanes, but it cut off a van traveling in the lane beside it. This mistake resulted in a collision that left the truck blocking traffic.

When your King of Prussia truck accident lawyer investigates your case, they’ll look at how the driver acted negligently and how your accident happened. With that information, they can get the full picture of how you were injured and advocate for your compensation. Let’s take a look at what causes truck wrecks.

How Do Truck Accidents Happen?

In a study analyzing reasons for truck collisions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration identified four different categories.

  • Non-performance. This applies to things the driver does but does not have control over. They could have suffered a critical health event like heart attack or stroke while at the wheel or experienced another issue that made them physically unable to remain in control of the big rig.
  • Recognition. When a driver is paying attention to their phone, messing with the radio, or not paying attention to what’s happening in front of them on the road, then they’re making a recognition error.
  • Decision. A driver can also make mistakes while operating a semitrailer. If they incorrectly gauge the speed of other vehicles on the road, are driving above the speed limit, or tailgating other vehicles, they can cause an accident.
  • Performance. This may apply to inexperienced truck drivers. When they overcorrect a turn, panic while behind the wheel, or make a risky decision, then they can cause a truck collision.

They also looked at three critical reasons that resulted in large truck crashes. Running out of their lane contributed to 32 percent of the large truck crashes in the study sample. This includes veering off the road or going into another lane.

The driver can also lose control of their semi truck. This can happen if they’re driving too fast in inclement weather like ice or snow, have poor road conditions like potholes or crumbling shoulders, unsecured cargo that shifts in the trailer, or an issue with their vehicle.

The third critical event is the truck hitting the end of the vehicle in front of them. This can happen if the driver is distracted, speeding, or if they experience brake failure.

Associated factors with crashes also includes driving while fatigued—a common issue with truck drivers traveling long distances over multiple days, prescription or over-the-counter drug use which can cause drowsiness and other side effects, being unfamiliar with the roadway, and dealing with inconsistent traffic flow like congestion. When these factors are present, a semitruck accident may be more likely to occur.

Your King of Prussia truck accident lawyer will analyze the crash reports and evidence surrounding the accident. This will include listening to your account, eyewitness accounts, reading the police report, looking at the accident scene or photographs of the scene, seeing the truck’s black box information, and consulting with accident reconstructionist specialists if necessary.

Your Truck Accident Attorney Will Help Find the Liable Party

After an accident, you may automatically assume the driver is the at-fault party. However, it’s important to not assign blame at the scene of the accident. During the investigation, we may find that the driver wasn’t the liable party in the accident, it was the trucking company.

When trucking companies put drivers and vehicles on the road, they need to make sure the truck is road-ready. This means doing regular inspections and fixing any errors that arise. A truck with worn tires, faulty brakes, broken headlights or taillights, or other issues need to be fixed before drivers take them out again. If companies don’t maintenance their vehicles or ignore problems on trucks and let drivers put them on the road, the company is putting the driver and others on the road at risk.

Bringing a claim forward against a trucking company may be intimidating. But your compensation is how you will financially recover from the losses of this accident. A King of Prussia truck accident lawyer from our law firm will gather the evidence necessary to show their actions caused the accident and your injuries. You can count on us to fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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