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Most Anticipated Mass Torts in 2019 to Make Headlines

The year may have just begun, but there are already major mass tort cases approaching in 2019 that news outlets will be talking about. They involve defective products and drugs that have caused a lot of people harm. In a mass tort, a group of attorneys represent the injured parties individually. Clients are handled individually since the products or drugs in question have caused harm in similar ways, but the harm and/or injuries require separate cases.

Here are some of the top mass torts we’re likely hear about as the year continues to unfold:

Talcum Powder

Johnson & Johnson is facing lawsuits for their dangerous product, talcum powder. It’s been a main focus for legal scrutiny for the past couple of years. Many women have come forward claiming that using the company’s powder lead to them developing ovarian cancer.

The company has already had to pay past claimants, but more cases are expected to be reviewed in the summer of this year.

Now, there are many claimants coming forward saying that the talcum powder contained asbestos, which is linked to some forms of cancer. They also say that Johnson & Johnson knew about the cancer risks, but instead of releasing this information and taking the product off the shelves, they hid it and continued to sell the powder in order to maintain their brand’s image.


The prescription opioid epidemic has had a stranglehold on many U.S. citizens, promoting addiction and unfortunately leading to many deaths due to overdose.

When people were prescribed this medication, they weren’t given all the information about how addictive these drugs truly are. There are some instances of pills that claim to last for a longer amount of time than they actually did, which lead to patients taking more than the recommended daily dose. This is drug abuse and can easily lead to addiction. Since many small towns were flooded with opioids, this has affected many people.

Victims include those who were prescribed opioids without having the proper knowledge of the drug and now have to live with a difficult addiction. There are also families of those who have overdosed. They’ve lost loved ones and as a result their lives have turned upside down. They may have depended on that person to help run a household, for their income, or for their emotional support.

Lawsuits are brought against companies that manufacture, distribute, and sell opioids. Further trials are expected to continue in September of this year.


This drug was made by Janssen-Cilag, which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. It originally released on the market as an anti-psychotic. Risperdal treated bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in adolescents and adults, but was also taken to treat children on the autism spectrum between ages 5-16 to treat irritability. However, it had a side effect that affected many males who took the medication. The drug caused male breast growth, and those who were taking the drug weren’t informed this could happen.

The men who were affected by this drug can sue for punitive damages later in January and February.

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