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Most Dangerous Intersections in Philadelphia

Philadelphia city street

Intersections are where most accidents take place because they involve traffic and pedestrians crossing paths and require them to strictly follow signs and signals. If a driver isn’t paying close attention to the signals or who’s going through an intersection, it can easily lead to a collision between two drivers or a car and a pedestrian. These accidents are especially dangerous because usually nobody sees them coming and the speed causes catastrophic damages.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia has some of the most dangerous intersections in the nation. When you’ve been involved in an accident at an intersection in our city, you could use the help of a lawyer. Whether it was a car accident or pedestrian accident, your attorney can help you determine who was at fault and calculate how much you’re owed in compensation. You shouldn’t have to suffer through this alone—Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco is here to support you every step of the way.

Dangerous Philadelphia Intersections

Pedestrian accidents in Philadelphia increased in 2020, and reports are saying they doubled from 2019. However, the most recent Crash Report available at the time of this posting was the report for 2019. This document states that over 40 percent of pedestrian accidents happened at intersections, and over 38 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents occurred at intersections as well.

In both categories, these numbers are noticeably higher than any other locations for the accidents, proving that intersections are the most dangerous and deadly places for pedestrians in our city. There are specific intersections that are more dangerous than others.

Here are some of the most dangerous intersections in Philadelphia so that you know which roads to be extra cautious on while driving.

  • Fifth Street & Olney Avenue
  • Broad Street & Race Street
  • Broad Street & Girard Avenue
  • Cottman Avenue & Roosevelt Boulevard
  • Broad Street & Olney Avenue
  • Broad Street & Lehigh Avenue
  • Market Street & 40th Street
  • Market Street & 11th Street
  • Chelten Avenue & Wayne Avenue
  • Market Street & 12th Street

These intersections were ranked as the top ten most dangerous by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. Each intersection had 13 or more crashes occur at or near the intersection, which is what qualifies them to be the most dangerous in the city.

Now that you know which specific intersections are the most dangerous in Philadelphia, let’s take a look at how you can stay safe while crossing the street or driving through intersections.

How To Stay Safe at Intersections

In order to prevent serious collisions from happening, it’s important to stay vigilant when approaching an intersection. Both pedestrians and motorists need to pay attention to their surroundings. Pedestrians should always use the crosswalk and wait for signals to make sure it’s safe to cross. Even if you’re being signaled to walk, you should make sure that vehicles aren’t entering the intersection when they’re not supposed to.

As a motorist, you should always follow traffic signals. In Pennsylvania, motorists must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. This means that you need to be as vigilant as possible when approaching and entering an intersection because there could be other vehicles or pedestrians entering the intersection that you need to yield to.

Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco Is Here for You

If you’ve been injured at an intersection and it wasn’t your fault, you could use the help of a pedestrian accident lawyer from Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco. We can help you prove that the negligent driver was at fault for your collision and help you calculate the damages that you’re owed for your injuries and all the other costs that you suffered.

At our firm, we have experience representing people who have been injured at the hands of someone else. We understand that this is a vulnerable time in your life and you need someone to guide you through the legal process. That’s why we’re here to help. One of our attorneys will provide you with legal support and fight to get you the compensation you deserve while you focus on healing.

Contact us today so we can get started on your potential claim.

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