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Norristown Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Going to the doctor when you’re sick, undergoing a surgical procedure, or picking up regular medication are all situations where you trust the health care professional to help you feel better. However, if those in charge of your health and wellbeing make a mistake, they could cause further injury or your ailment could progress and worsen.

When you’re recovering from a medical mistake in addition to the original health issue, you need a Norristown medical malpractice lawyer from Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco to stand up for you. We’ll figure out exactly what happened and who was at fault for the damages you’ve incurred and ensure that they’re held responsible.

It can be intimidating to handle a med mal claim, but with our attorneys on your side, you can feel confident. Let’s take a look at the different medical errors that could have occurred to cause the injuries you incurred.

What Kinds of Medical Errors Can Occur and Why?

Our lawyers are familiar with the many ways that medical mistakes can harm patients. Those medical mistakes are considered med mal, and warrant you taking legal action against the doctor, nurse, or other medical professional who made the error that harmed you. A few examples of these errors include:

  • Birth Injuries. Expecting mothers see all kinds of medical professionals during the pregnancy and delivery process. If negligence occurs at any point, the mother’s and the baby’s health could both suffer, or their lives could be put in danger. If the baby is injured during delivery, they could have permanent brain damage or other trauma.
  • Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose. A doctor is supposed to narrow down what could be ailing you with assessing your symptoms and possibly ordering tests. If they don’t recognize your symptoms, read the tests wrong, or do not order tests when they should have, they could possibly misdiagnose you or fail to give you a diagnosis. This could allow your medical issue to persist and go without treatment.
  • Surgical Errors. Tools, sponges, or other medical supplies can be left in the patient after surgery. They may notice painful symptoms and go back to the surgeon to find that they need another procedure to remove the tools. Other surgical errors include wrong-site surgery. Examples of this include situations where the operation is done on the wrong patient, the wrong body part, or wrong side of the body is operated on. These mistakes can be traumatizing, but our medical malpractice attorneys are here for you.
  • Medication Error. When you’re issued medication, whether you’re in the hospital or you’re picking up medication from the pharmacy, and there’s a mistake with the medication type or its dosage, there are a number of issues that can occur. You may suffer a severe allergic reaction, the drug could react to other medication you’re taking, and if the dosage is incorrect, it could be too little to do anything or put you at risk of an overdose.
  • Lack of Informed Consent. Before you go through with a procedure, your doctor needs to go over the process with you. They’ll explain how the procedure could help you, but they’ll also inform you of the risks involved. When you have all the information, you will provide consent to have the procedure should you choose to do so. If you’re not given this information, have the procedure, are injured because of the risks, and if you had known about the risk this may have affected your decision, then you can hold the doctor accountable for withholding the information from you.

When we find out what happened to you, we’ll begin to look at why. Our Norristown medical malpractice lawyer is here to get to the bottom of your injuries.

Other Errors from Medical Professionals

Sometimes the medical error that happened wasn’t just from negligence, it can also be from a poor decision that a medical professional made that at the time seemed to only harm themselves. But when they get on their shift, they put all of their patients in danger.

If a medical professional made a mistake, one of the following reasons could be why it happened:

  • Exhaustion. Medical providers often work difficult hours. If they’re overworked, it’s likely they could be battling fatigue while working. When they’re not alert, they can make mistakes. Unfortunately, this could be missing important information on a patient’s chart or not realizing a detail in a test that could point to what’s ailing them.
  • Substance Abuse. Sometimes, the pressure is too much for medical providers and they may turn to substances to cope. If a doctor was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when treating you and you were injured, our lawyers will help you get justice.
  • Inexperience. Surgeons need to have the training and experience in the type of procedure. If a surgeon doesn’t have the experience to perform a medical procedure but they move forward with it and harm the patient, the patient can take action. We’ll help you hold the right party accountable for their actions.

With an experienced Norristown medical malpractice lawyer on your side, you can rely on us to find out the negligence that took place in your care, why it happened, and how it affected you. When we’re fighting for you, we’ll take all your injuries and damages into account.

Our attorneys will fight for you to recover compensation that covers your medical expenses, costs of continued medical care, lost wages, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. We’re going to do everything we can to secure your future.

What Are the Components of a Medical Malpractice Case?

Medical malpractice cases can be extremely difficult to prove, but our attorneys in Norristown will help you in any way we can. Our lawyers will carefully investigate the details of your case so we can show the following happened:

  • The Existence of a Doctor-Patient Relationship. This is established when the doctor agrees to treat you. So, if you overhear medical advice in public, this wouldn’t establish the relationship and medical malpractice did not occur.
  • The Medical Professional Exhibited Negligence. We’ll examine your medical records to find out how the professional treated you made a medical error. Another aspect of showing medical negligence is to consult with a medical expert so they can provide testimony. This person will have similar education and work in a similar field to the doctor who treated you. They will be able to give expert testimony on whether or not your doctor deviated from the standard of care.
  • Their Negligence Harmed You. Then, we’ll show that because your doctor acted outside of the standard of care and failed to treat you as other competent professionals in their field would, you were hurt in the process.
  • You Suffered Injuries and Damages. The harm resulted in injuries and damages. Your original condition may have worsened, you may have new injuries, and you’re going to need to take time to treat them to regain your health.

While the legal process can be complex and confusing, the attorneys from Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco will be with you every step of the way. Our Norristown med mal lawyer will keep you informed and up to date on the status of your case and will answer any of your questions.

Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco Will Stand Up for You

Suffering harm from professionals you trusted to take care of you can be a traumatizing experience. When medical errors occur, a medical malpractice lawyer from our firm will help you hold them accountable. Call our office today for an obligation-free consultation.

When we review your claim, our expert attorneys will be figuring out your legal options and will help you to find the best way to proceed. We’ll work diligently to help you get the recovery that will allow you to heal physically, emotionally, and financially.

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