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Norristown Truck Accident Lawyer

Heavy trucks pass through Montgomery County all the time. As a Norristown driver, you may be used to seeing tractor-trailers on the road. When you’re next to a large truck, you probably safely pass it so you’re not driving next to it for long periods of time. However, if a truck driver is negligent, they could cause a debilitating accident. If you or a loved one has been injured, a Norristown truck accident lawyer from Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco can help you seek justice.

Our firm protects people in Norristown and the greater Philadelphia area. When someone has acted negligently and their negligence has harmed you, the resulting injuries and damages can be overwhelming. When you’re taking legal action, you need someone on your side to protect your rights.

Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco Stands Up for Norristown Truck Accident Victims

Large trucks and 18 wheelers can cause more damage in an accident. Vehicles that weigh up to 80,000 lbs can easily cause debilitating injuries. In some cases, the injuries can be catastrophic. Permanent brain trauma, paralysis, loss of limb, and internal organ damage can all occur.

While injuries may have an estimated recovery time before you’re back on your feet, this may not be the case with the injuries above. Catastrophic injuries may not fully heal and can affect you for the rest of your life. You may not be able to return to your job or you may not be able to return to the workforce.

The costs of treating a catastrophic injury, in addition to affording the continued treatment to live with it, can be extensive. When this is on top of existing expenses and an inability to work, you may feel completely overwhelmed.

If you’re suffering from a catastrophic injury, dealing with a trucking accident claim may be the last thing on your mind. But full and fair compensation can give you the security you need so you can heal.

When you need to focus on recovering, our truck accident attorneys will step in. We’ll assess your injuries, what the accident has cost you, and hold the liable party accountable for their actions.

What Are the Types of Truck Accidents?

Your Norristown truck accident lawyer will investigate the type of accident you were involved in. There are a few common kinds of semitruck accidents that may also provide information on what caused the accident and how it contributed to your injuries.

  • Rollover. A rollover can occur if the truck driver loses control of the vehicle and hits something that lifts the wheels off the ground. The weight of the big rig can cause it to tip over. Driving too fast for turns can result in this accident.
  • Override. Trucks have blind spots just like cars, but the spots are considerably larger. The truck driver needs to be aware of cars around them when they’re making a turn or lane change. If a truck driver gets too close to another vehicle, they can trap the vehicle underneath the truck. This override incident can shear off the top of the car and severely injure those inside.
  • Jackknife. This occurs when the trailer swings around and out next to the cab. It may look like an L or V shape. These accidents can occur when the truck driver is speeding or when the trailer is improperly loaded. Once the tractor isn’t pulling the trailer, the driver may not be able to get the vehicle back under control. Any cars in the lane next to the semitruck could collide with the trailer.

When these accidents occur, your truck accident lawyer in Pennsylvania will then look into who caused them. Let’s go over the evidence your representation will examine.

Determining Liability in a Norristown Truck Collision

Your Norristown truck accident lawyer will tell you that there are so many factors to consider when determining liability. Police reports, eyewitness accounts, your account, the truck’s black box data, and any photographic evidence from the scene can all help piece together the events that led up to the accident.

The black box data can provide a wealth of information. From this, your truck accident lawyer may be able to tell the driver’s speed limit before the accident, their daily activity, when they hit the brakes, and the trucker’s log. If the driver was speeding or ignoring federal regulations that state when they need to take a break, then this may provide evidence that the truck driver was at fault.

The truck driver may be at fault for other reasons as well:

  • Fatigue. Truck drivers often work long hours for multiple days. While they are supposed to take scheduled breaks, they may not realize the signs of fatigue. When drivers get sleepy, they may think rolling down the window or caffeine will help. However, these will not combat fatigue or make the driver more aware. Fatigued drivers run the risk of slower reactions times, less alertness, and could fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Distraction. A driver may be in an unfamiliar area and could be focused on their phone for navigation or they could be trying to eat a quick meal while driving. These situations distract the driver from what’s happening in front of them and could cause a deadly wreck.
  • Inexperience. New drivers may not have the proper training or experience to safely handle a big rig. They need more time to speed up, slow down, and adjust their driving to the weather conditions. Drivers who fail to do this can cause accidents.

If the truck driver was exhibiting negligence, our lawyers will find out how. We’ll also consider the fact that the trucker may not have been at fault for your injuries.

The trucking company could be at fault if they failed to inspect their vehicles or put unsafe vehicles on the road. The manufacturing company that made a faulty auto part that caused an accident could also be held responsible. When you’re going up against a company, it’s likely they will have representation as well. Don’t let this intimidate you.

Our truck accident lawyers in Norristown are used to holding negligent parties accountable, whether it’s seeking a fair settlement for our client or proceeding to resolve the case in the courtroom.

Get Sound Legal Counsel Today

When a trucking accident has injured you, Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco will protect your rights. We’ll fight to secure your financial future so you can recover without worrying about affording medical care and covering other damages the accident cost you.

It’s important to act quickly. Get a free case evaluation with one of our Norristown truck accident lawyers today. We’ll go over your legal options and find the way forward for you.

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