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Rob Sachs Featured on Philadelphia VIP’s Volunteer Spotlight

Published on Aug 7, 2020 at 5:36 pm in In The News.

Rob Sachs

Rob Sachs, a managing partner at Shrager & Sachs in Philadelphia, has been a volunteer at Philadelphia VIP since 2005. VIP is an organization dedicated to providing free legal assistance to those who need it most. They help in all kinds of legal matters for individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits. VIP has hundreds of volunteer attorneys who will represent their clients and fight for their rights. These attorneys can range from highly experienced to new, or new to a particular kind of case. For those who are new, they can seek mentorship from VIP to help them hone their skills and gain more experience in that area of law. Sachs has made a positive impact from his volunteer work with VIP.

Sachs got started when the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association asked their board members if they would look into representing a VIP case. As a board member, Sachs took the opportunity to use his knowledge of the law to continue to help others. Since then, he’s continued to volunteer for VIP.

Sachs mainly helps families who have large nursing home debts. Many relatives of nursing home residents may be sued because they’re being held responsible for the debts. When Rob Sachs steps in as their representative, he fights for the family to not have such a large financial burden placed on their shoulders. He’s found in the past that the family shouldn’t be responsible for the debt in the first place.

In some cases, the nursing home may offer a payment plan. However, when the bill is in the tens of thousands and a family has to worry about paying hundreds of dollars a month, this can be financially overwhelming and not sustainable. With Rob Sachs at their side, they’ll know an experienced attorney is going to fight for them.

Sachs believes in standing up for those who need help and in VIP’s mission. VIP’s vetting process will pair struggling people who truly need help with a VIP lawyer who is ready to represent them. Sachs has said that saying he’s representing a VIP client truly helps the case. The plaintiff knows he’s representing someone without charging them because they cannot afford it. When the plaintiff has this information, they may be more cooperative during negotiations.

Rob Sachs is one of the first people VIP turns to when the case is about nursing home collections. He’s prepared to stand up for the family who is facing insurmountable debt and finding a solution for them to move forward. He’s proud to practice law and understands the responsibility of giving back to those who need it.

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