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Settlement Finalized: $900, 000 Awarded to Woman Who Suffered Permanent Injury to Spinal Accessory Nerve

Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco was able to settle a case for an emergency room nurse who developed complex regional pain syndrome after incurring a spinal accessory nerve injury during a lymph node biopsy while under receiving diagnostic care at a hospital in central Pennsylvania.

The spinal accessory nerve controls functions related to the muscles in the shoulders and the head, such as shrugging the shoulders or tilting the head back. It can also affect motions of the arms, including extension and other larger arm movements originating in the shoulders.

Immediately after the biopsy, the patient began to experience injury symptoms promptly. The doctor’s defense was that there was no way that the procedure could have injured her in such a manner as she had claimed, as the nerve was too “deep” in the lymph node to be accessible.

Going Above and Beyond for Clients

Our Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys advocate for the plaintiff’s cause and answer the arguments that the defendant brings. In this case, the doctor’s defense team reasoned that the injuries that she incurred were not at all feasible, as the doctor exercised due care when performing the procedure and confidently asserted that the nerve could not be reached during the biopsy.

Nevertheless, we were able to refute these claims, as the patient complained total loss of feeling and function in her arm promptly. This later led to the development of complex regional pain syndrome. She further reasoned that she could no longer carry out the various strenuous duties of her job as an emergency room nurse.

We fought to obtain restitution for our client for the following:

  • Ongoing medical care for retreatment
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medications
  • Lost wages and future earning potential

Hotly contested cases often turn into lawsuits because a resolution requires a great deal of negotiation. Opposing parties rarely see eye-to-eye on the events in question. Avoiding trial is still ideal, however, as it is an added expense and risk for both parties. Most of the time, the cases can be settled well before the trial date. All in all, after the bouts of negotiation, our plaintiff in this case received a final settlement of $900,000.

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