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Smile, you’re on SEPTA Candid Camera

Did you know, when riding SEPTA you are being filmed almost all the time? It certainly makes sense. More and more we expect when we are in public areas, we are being photographed by numerous still and video cameras. And we hear all the time how this kind of surveillance can assist in a court case. Every evening on TV, the evening news and crime shows detail how the surveillance video from a nearby establishment helps to solve a crime or settle a dispute. This is true in real life as on television.

In fact, Managing Partner Rob Sachs, Jr. along with Attorney Jason Tucker just settled a case where the SEPTA surveillance video on a bus helped prove the case for our client, who was awarded a substantial six figure settlement (SEPTA’s legal liability is capped at $250,000 by law) for her injuries resulting from a fall on a bus. As experienced truck and bus lawyers, Sachs and Tucker knew they had to get that video. They had to fight hard to obtain the video from SEPTA – they actually went to court twice to force SEPTA to turn it over.

It was worth the fight. The video clearly showed that although the car immediately ahead of the bus had signaled a turn for 15 seconds, the bus driver failed to safely slow his bus – rather he chose to swerve his bus around the turning car (into the oncoming traffic lane) at the exact instant our 85 year old client was getting out of her seat for her stop. She was thrown to the ground and her thigh bone shattered. She is left with a 2 ½ inch shortening of her leg. A woman who routinely walked miles every day is now housebound and dependent of others for the rest of her life.

During the case, SEPTA’s representative said the “purpose” of the video was to help defeat fake claims and to help solve crimes. In fact, there is another use: holding SEPTA fully accountable when operators fail to drive safely and cause serious harms and losses to innocent riders. It will not benefit you to submit a complaint or pursue a lawsuit unless the video surveillance will prove your claim. Otherwise, SEPTA will properly pursue legal action against those who make fraudulent claims – in some cases the false claimant has even ended up in jail.

Moral of the story: SEPTA video surveillance can prove your case, as long as you’re truthful in your complaint. If you would like to discuss your personal injury or malpractice claim, please call our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers toll-free at (888) 899-0652

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