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What Are the Most Common Types of Construction Accidents?

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Construction workers are often in dangerous environments. If everyone acts responsibly and takes proper safety precautions, then the employees should be able to stay safe. However, if one person acts negligently, they’re putting everyone on the construction site in danger. Construction site injuries can be life-changing or sometimes result in death. These accidents were preventable and the person responsible should be held liable for their actions.

Construction workers may feel like they can’t come forward with a claim after they’ve been injured. Construction sites are typically full of dangers, so they may think that whatever happens to them is something they’ll have to deal with on their own. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While construction sites are often hazardous, there are rules and regulations that should be implemented to keep it as safe as possible. This includes giving workers proper training and instruction when handling certain machines or are working in specific areas. If they don’t have the right knowledge or training to do the work or know about the site, then they weren’t prepared correctly. Areas are also supposed to be clear of preventable hazards, such as loose wires and other debris blocking walkways or faulty ladders that can’t support a construction worker. This can often lead to disastrous injuries.

Accidents are preventable and when the injured party wasn’t at fault, they may be able to seek compensation. While this may be difficult, having a legal professional can make sure that your rights and best interests are being protected. Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco understands how important receiving a settlement can be when you have bills to pay and aren’t able to work. We’ll do everything we can to show that you weren’t at fault and were wrongfully injured because of someone else. You can have peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to help your future.

What Situations Typically Harm Construction Workers?

While negligence can result in a number of injuries, there are a few ways that injure construction workers more than others. One of those ways is electrocution. If there are faulty wires or tools on the site, a construction worker could get hurt if they come in contact with them. Liquid spills that can conduct electric current are also dangerous.

One of the other most common sources of injury is falling. Fall injuries are common in the construction industry due to how often workers must work on ladders, raised platforms, or on scaffoldings. If ladders and platforms are not properly secured or maintained, they can easily cause a falling injury which may result in serious consequences for the worker.

Fire hazards and chemicals can cause serious burn injuries. Construction workers are in all types of environments and may be exposed to flammable materials or gases that can burn skin. Issues with equipment also puts them in danger. When they don’t know how to properly operate a machine or there is a flaw, it could malfunction and possibly harm the worker by trapping them, becoming a fire hazard, or resulting in a situation where the worker could lose a limb.

Exhaustion is a major cause for injuries that many people may not think about. However, construction workers are often on tight schedules. This could result in them working long hours for an extended amount of time. If they’re exhausted, they won’t be working at their best. This could result in a crucial error or mistake that causes injury.

You Need a Trustworthy Personal Injury Lawyer

If a construction injury has turned your life upside down, everything can become overwhelming. But realizing that your claim may take time but ultimately result in you getting the settlement you need can help bring some calm and perhaps clarity back to your life because you’re taking care of you.

Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco will do everything possible to get you a favorable settlement so you can put this matter behind you and start recovering. It’s best to start your case as soon as possible for several reasons. Physical evidence may still be at the construction site that shows how someone was negligent and how it caused your injuries. Also, you’ll be able to give a more detailed account of what happened because it’s still fresh in your head.

Many personal injury cases have a statute of limitations, meaning that’s the time you have from the date of the injury to come forward. People usually have two years to file their claim in the state of Pennsylvania. You don’t want to risk missing this window as it could result in you being ineligible for compensation.

Working with us soon after the accident will mean you won’t have to worry about a time crunch. Get in touch with us today and we can discuss your options.

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