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What You Need To Know About the Safety of Anesthesia

Published on Apr 7, 2023 at 7:36 pm in Medical Malpractice.

What You Need To Know About the Safety of Anesthesia
Thanks to advancements in science, technology, and the medical field, undergoing surgical operations is safer today than at any other point in history. The use of anesthesia, in particular, has created an environment in which even major procedures can be considered routine.

However, this does not mean that anesthesia is without its own risks. Every patient has the right to information regarding the safety and efficacy of a procedure, surgery, treatment plan, or medication. Benefits, drawbacks, and potential side effects of any treatment should be clearly and effectively communicated during a process known as informed consent.

The Difference Between Medical Negligence and Malpractice

Published on Dec 22, 2022 at 4:46 pm in Medical Malpractice.

At Shrager & Sachs, we understand that there is a good deal of legalese in any type of personal injury case. Nowhere is this truer than in a case involving medical malpractice.

Words like “malpractice” and “negligence” may be used interchangeably in conversation, but they actually have very specific definitions in personal injury law. Below, we’ll examine the difference between medical negligence and malpractice.

Can Poor Bedside Manner Lead To Malpractice?

Published on Nov 18, 2022 at 8:07 pm in Medical Malpractice.

Can Poor Bedside Manner Lead To Malpractice?

Pitfalls in bedside manner can lead to malpractice lawsuits, as patients can feel disrespected or ignored. When health care providers are rude or dismissive to patients, it can shatter trust and cause serious medical errors. In some cases, poor bedside manner may cause injury or death.

Preventing these kinds of lawsuits is critical for both patients and health care providers. However, improving bedside manner is not always easy. It requires time and effort to change long-standing habits and attitudes. But it is worth it, as better bedside manner can lead to happier patients, safer hospitals, and fewer malpractice lawsuits.

How To Start a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Published on Oct 28, 2022 at 8:11 pm in Medical Malpractice.

How To Start a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

If you were harmed by the negligent, reckless, or wrongful actions of a health care provider in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, you may be owed compensation. Medical malpractice lawsuits create a legal avenue for you to recover that compensation.

The process of starting a medical malpractice lawsuit can be complicated, though. Some strict requirements and deadlines must be met, which can be difficult for victims of medical malpractice who are already dealing with the aftermath of a serious medical error.

At Shrager & Sachs, we pride ourselves on the unrivaled support and guidance we provide to medical malpractice victims. As your legal representatives, we will help you start a medical malpractice lawsuit, submit all required documentation within the deadlines, and accurately value the worth of your claim. Our attorneys will also make sure that you always understand what is going on so that you never feel left out.

Is Personal Injury the Same as Medical Malpractice?

Published on Oct 14, 2022 at 6:46 pm in Medical Malpractice.

It’s not unusual to hear the question: Is personal injury the same as medical malpractice? This is an understandable query, as a personal injury can result from medical malpractice. While the terms “personal injury” and “medical malpractice” do not mean the same thing, there can be some overlap.

How Common Is Emergency Room Malpractice?

Published on Sep 23, 2022 at 8:39 pm in Medical Malpractice.

doctor upset

Taking a trip to the emergency room is a scary experience. Whether you suffered a fall, ingested a toxic substance, or experienced a sudden onset of troubling symptoms, you need to know there’s a place where you can be treated both promptly and effectively. But not every patient who visits the ER receives the level of care they deserve. How common is emergency room malpractice?   

If you or a loved one suffered emergency room negligence in the greater Philadelphia area, our experienced attorneys are ready to discuss your case. We have over 35 years of experience defending those harmed by medical errors, oversights, and omissions in our local health care facilities.  

Is Medical Malpractice Difficult To Prove?

Published on Aug 10, 2022 at 6:32 pm in Medical Malpractice.

Medical malpractice is notoriously one of the most difficult types of cases in personal injury law. Proving medical malpractice requires knowledge of complex medical topics, strong relationships with experts in the field, and many other resources we will discuss further below.

Even with over three decades of experience practicing medical malpractice law in Philadelphia—a city with some of the largest, wealthiest, and most reputable medical institutions in the country—the attorneys at Shrager & Sachs still believe there is no such thing as an “easy” medical malpractice case.

What Happens When Your Doctor Misreads Your Test Results?

Published on Jun 24, 2022 at 3:36 pm in Medical Malpractice.

doctor reading test results

When you start experiencing unexplained symptoms, pain, or health concerns, your first stop may be your primary care physician. You trust your doctor to listen to your concerns and, when necessary, to send you for testing or to see a specialist. Many specialists have their own tests they like to run when meeting with new or established patients, as well. 

Test results are often an essential component of correctly diagnosing a disease or illness. When your doctor misreads your test results, you could be at risk for additional harm in the form of unnecessary disease progression, co-morbidities, and additional medical harm that may constitute medical malpractice. 

Top Signs That a Hospital or Care Center May Be Negligent

Published on Nov 4, 2021 at 5:53 pm in Medical Malpractice.

Top Signs That a Hospital or Care Center May Be Negligent

Actions that injure patients should never happen in a hospital setting. But negligent acts leading to physical harm too often occur in the very facilities intended to save lives, cure illness, and heal injuries. A failure to act can also be a type of negligence, and is especially grievous when abuse is allowed to occur in an assisted living center or nursing home. In the worst cases of hospital negligence, wrongful death can result.

For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the top signs that a hospital or care center may be negligent. With further questions, reach out to a lawyer experienced in medical malpractice to discuss the details of your case.

How to Find Complaints Filed Against a Hospital or Nursing Home in Pennsylvania

Published on Oct 7, 2021 at 9:49 pm in Medical Malpractice.

How to Find Complaints Filed Against a Hospital or Nursing Home in Pennsylvania
Entrusting your health, or the health of a loved one, to a medical care facility is a life-altering decision. It’s critical to know if there have been victims of medical malpractice, negligence, or abuse in the healthcare facility you are researching.

This article will provide information on how to find complaints filed against a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare facility in Pennsylvania. We’ll also discuss the most common types of complaints, and where to research the professional history of a doctor or other healthcare provider. For further information, get in touch with one of our medical malpractice or nursing home abuse attorneys with questions.

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