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Category: Product Liability

Can Every Drug Injury Lead to a Legal Claim?

Doctors rely on a variety of treatment options when caring for patients. Depending on the type of illness, disease, or injury a patient presents with, it can be appropriate to prescribe medications to treat or alleviate symptoms. Prescription drugs are not risk-free, though. Every medication has the potential to cause an adverse reaction. Sometimes these reactions are predictable, while in other situations, it would be difficult for a doctor to foresee these types of injuries. So what does this mean? Can every drug injury lead to a legal[...]

Do You Have to Own the Defective Product to File a Product Liability Claim?

When you own a product and it malfunctions and you are harmed, it’s pretty straightforward that you have a claim against that manufacturer or marketing company for the damages you suffered. But what if you were borrowing a product from someone you know and were injured by its defects? Do you still have grounds for a product liability claim? (more…)

Why Is Vaping More Dangerous for Teenagers?

E-cigarettes and vaping have become a more common practice in society, but have also shown how dangerous these habits can be. One of the most affected groups have been teenagers, many of which use JUUL products. JUUL is a popular company in the vaping industry and had the greatest share of the e-cig market in the U.S. by 2017. Their products have high amounts of nicotine. Teens who vape have suffered from severe illnesses and have also lost their lives because of vaping chemicals. If you or a[...]

Who’s Liable When a Child Is Seriously Injured on a Trampoline?

Summer is the perfect time to break out the trampoline for fun and exercise. It’s probably no surprise that when kids jump on trampolines, minor injuries like bruises and cuts can occur. Usually these injuries heal quickly and easily, and the child is back on the trampoline the next day. But what about when they are seriously injured on the trampoline? Although jumping on a trampoline can be fun, it requires caution. (more…)

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