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Tractor-Trailer Driver Rear-Ended in Lancaster County Receives $450,000 Settlement

Published on Aug 1, 2017 at 6:13 pm in Auto Accidents.

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Here is one story of how we helped a truck driver obtain a settlement after an accident.

The Incident

Horris Wilson is an over-the-road tractor-trailer driver. One day, he was driving a “bobtail” run (driving only the tractor without the trailer) when an auto carrier tractor-trailer hit him from behind. After the accident, the driver who rear-ended Wilson admitted to police that he was traveling nearly 45 miles per hour. Wilson’s truck sustained extensive damage, and he was also injured as a result of the crash.

Legal Challenges

Mr. Wilson’s case presented certain difficulties because of his inconsistent medical treatment. He received some treatment from the local hospital in Lancaster County, PA after the accident. However, he didn’t receive more treatment until arriving back home in Michigan several days later. An independent medical examiner diagnosed post-concussive syndrome, cervical and lumbosacral strain and sprain, and a torn rotator cuff.

An Effective Settlement

Because of his injuries, Mr. Wilson was significantly disabled from continuing as a tractor-trailer driver or holding other gainful employment. Even though he didn’t have fractures or disc injuries confirmed by studies like MRIs and CT scans, as is common in truck accident cases, he was still able to obtain $450,000 in settlement. Our attorneys fought for his rights to achieve the compensation he deserved for his injuries.

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