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Medication Error Leads to Death & 7-Figure Settlement

With more than 80 years of combined experience, Shrager, Sachs, & Blanco has guided hundreds of clients to successful outcomes. We take each case seriously and work hard to provide effective solutions to meet clients’ specific needs. Our team is proud to share the story of how we helped our client obtain a settlement for the wrongful death of his father.

The Situation

Our client’s father had been living independently in a senior living home for several months. However, he started becoming confused and unable to maintain his independent situation. It was recommended that he undergo a brief hospital stay, where he would try a combination of medication in the hopes of decreasing his confusion.

Once he was admitted to the psychiatric unit of a neighborhood hospital, the senior living facility sent over a list of his prescriptions, including Methotrexate, which he was taking as a maintenance drug for his rheumatoid arthritis. However, the list had a transcription error. Instead of recording a dosage of 2.5 mgs for 3 administrations given once a week, the list reported a dosage of 2.5 mgs given twice a day, on a daily basis.

Because of the transcription error, our client received 35 mgs of Methotrexate a week instead of his usual 7.5. He rapidly developed Methotrexate toxicity and multi-system organ failure. He died soon after.

The Legal Argument

Once we filed a lawsuit, we realized that the physician who was the “internal medicine consultant” of our client’s father when he was admitted to the hospital had no experience prescribing Methotrexate, did nothing to look up the proper dosage, and never even Googled the drug. If she had, she would have seen that the dosage she was prescribing could easily cause the exact symptoms our client’s father developed, including Methotrexate toxicity and death.

The Results

We were able to successfully bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the physician responsible for our client’s father’s medication. Her negligence cost his life, and we were able to fight on behalf of his surviving son and daughter. The outcome was a 7-figure settlement.

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